10.04.17Eric Wyatt New cd Look To The Sky Whaling City Sound Records

Eric Wyatt has a new release on Whaling City Sound Records .The new cd is,Look To The Sky.It features 3 time Grammy winning trumpet player Keyon Harrold.Benito Gonzalez Eric Wheeler Kyle Poole Shinnosuke Takahashi an Andrea Miller singing a duet with Eric.The classic tune My Favorite Things.Eric just returned from Malaysia an Australia Far east tour.The band in KL was Benito Gonzalez Christy Smith an Boy Wonder David Hodek.In Melbourne bassist Sam Anning joined the group for the 3 nights in which 2 were Sold Out. The official release of the new cd is Oct 27th.Look out for it.Eric plays Tenor alto an soprano sax.He also makes his singing debut.

08.06.14Eric Wyatt - Borough of Kings-Positone-2014

Tremendous work from tenor man Eric Wyatt a set that has the musician coming into his own an maybe emerging as one of the most soulful an Spiritual players in recent years.Wyatt on most numbers also plays a bit of flute as well plays with a wellspring of emotion that takes us back to Pharoah Sanders on Impulse or maybe Sonny Rollins at his most expressive.

08.01.14Eric Wyatt - Borough of Kings-Positone-2014

Eric Wyatt looks like a cross between Forrest Whitaker and the Simpsons character Bleeding Gums Murphy an his music is swinging , bluesy,hard bop straight out of the 1960,s Still he,s about as Brooklyn jazz as you can get. One for Hakim keeps the energy level high, its built on another rockem sockem groove from Takahashi an Wyatt heads into a zone not far from where is God father, Sonny Rollins was hanging out in the East Broadway Rundown era. Eric Wyatt is a terrific powerful saxophonist who deserve MUCH MORE attenention than he, gotten to date.

07.26.14Eric Wyatt - Borough of Kings-Positone-2014

Pianist Benito Gonzalez delivers strong hammered support intriguing right hand lines tempared by a firm left hand an spiky suggestions playing the post modern McCoy Tyner to Wyatt,s John Coltrane. Wyatt is a no holds barred playerwith an edge to his work. -Dan Bilawsky

07.17.14Eric Wyatt - Borough of Kings-Positone

Eric Wyatt,s cd reflects the work of a jazz cat who,s spent a lifetime absorbing the music,s rich history first hand. No he is not a Sonny Rollins clone he sounds more akin to Kenny Garrett and early John Coltrane to my ears straddling generations of style- Victor Aaron

07.12.14Eric Wyatt - Borough of Kings-Positone-2014

You have as many tenor players running around NY as you have taxi cabs , Eric Wyatt simply happens to be one of the finest.Borough Of Kings is a hard charging swing fest that features stellar originals from Eric Wyatt and band that would seem to feed off of his lyrical sense of direction The lone cover would be the iconic John Coltrane tune Countdown which Wyatt takes temporary custody of in an inspired perfomance!

09.23.13— Gary Walker wbgo Host, Linear notes for Clifton Anderson cd And So We Carry On

“Clifton fires it up pausing for the sunrise then on about the excitement of the tune. Warren Wolf,s vibes carry a high-octane tone, passing the lead to tenorist Eric Wyatt finding new paths. All this working alongside the leader and Vega,s piano Essiet,s bass an Jeff Tain Watts drum work. This is why Tain waited around that day all as one for a man Sonny Rollins called Nishi."

09.23.13— Publicity-Ramsey Short, King Records

“HE plays like Coltrane, Rollins,an Shorter! Eric,s sound is big an fat A REAL TENOR SOUND. In the low range i hear influence of Sonny Rollins an in the High register i HEAR John Coltrane!"


“Eric Wyatt is a full bodied player with a tight flowing sound. The music from his cd The Blueprint could have come from a Classic Blue Note album This is top drawer jazz played with FIRE!!"

09.23.13— Al Bunshaft, Jazz Improv

“Whether it was Eric Wyatts outstanding tenor solo,s or Stephen Scotts articulate an speedy piano displays or the tight swingin Steve Williams led rhythm section each member of the group was able to shine. The pretty melody was brought out further through Mr Wyatts sax playin in harmony with the trombone though some of the passages. The tenor solo was a standout with Mr Wyatt,s improvising but playin near enough the melody to make his voice easily accessible. Eric Wyatt with the Clifton Anderson Quintet --Dizzy,s Co Ca Cola Feb-2nd 2009."

11.13.12Eric Wyatt Represents in Harlem

What’s astounding about the jazz – Black American Music – BAM scene in NYC is that everyone can swing – really swing. The average musician with a horn under his/her arm can outdo the next one, and will certainly be outdone by the other. It’s a highly competitive, cutthroat business around here, complete with daily challenges to find a way to set oneself apart from the rest.

I recently came across one of the most unique, gifted saxophone players I’ve ever encountered. After a fantastic Lakecia Benjamin show at Ginny’s, we strolled into the Lenox Lounge to find saxophonist Eric Wyatt obliterating the room with his incredibly astute band. This wasn’t just another attempt to mimic Coltrane or Bird or Rollins. This was raw, real be bop that had me raising my hands in an act of worship. Eric brings a level of wisdom, integrity, sophistication and a sound that will pull your heart right out of its cavity. He’s an intuitive, intellectual composer who does more than channel the greats who came before him. He has a way of honoring the ancestors and at the same time inserting his own flow and flavor in the mix. His sound is lyrical. Full. Fluid. Bold. Emotional. Swag.

Eric Wyatt was raised with this music. His father Charles Wyatt, a jazz mainstay from back in the 50s, played and interacted with all the greats, Sonny Rollins being one of them. Sonny is Eric’s godfather and has truly instilled in him just the right amount of tutelage to have helped him develop his chops and discover his own signature sound. What an honor to evolve to such a level – it’s in his DNA.

When you see him live with his band, the Eric Wyatt Quartet: Eric on sax, Benito Gonzalez, piano, Tyler Mitchell, bass and ShinnosukeTakahashi on drums, it’s an exhilarating trip. These cats are tight as hell – their communication and instinct with one another is notable. You see joy on the faces of each musician when they play. It’s a high level experience from all angles. You must experience them. you can catch them at any of the major venues around New York – Smalls, The Vanguard, Dizzy’s.

Eric recently did a project with trombonist Clifton Anderson entitled And So We Carry On. He also did an interesting tour with writer Kris Saknussemm called Reverend America. For bookings contact Eric Wyatt email ericwyatt@hotmail.com

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